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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I buy DiamondCRETE online?

A: As of May 2009, the DiamondCRETE product has been discontinued, however, some of the retailers listed on our 'Retailers' page may still offer DiamondCRETE online or can take your order over the phone for their remaining supply. DiamondSEAL and DiamondCRETE Candle Stone Plugs, are still available through this website. We apologize for the inconvenience and wish to express our heartfelt gratitude for your patronage. 

Q: What IS DiamondCRETE?

A: DiamondCRETE is a pre-colored statuary concrete mixture created specifically for above-grade exterior decorative purposes. It was designed to be quick-setting, take on fine mold details, and accept concrete paints and stains if desired making it a wonderful product for garden art and ornamental concrete hobbyists. It is primarily sold in the stained glass industry for cast stepping stones and mosaic grout but has many additional uses in the ornamental concrete industry as well. It is not, however, rated for underwater applications such as birdbath bowls or fountains.


Q: Does DiamondCRETE have a shelf life? 

A: When kept tightly closed in a dry environment, DiamondCRETE may be stored up to 3 years. Do not use any concrete product (including DiamondCRETE) that shows signs of exposure to moisture such as hardened clumps within the mixture. Using older product will result in a weaker finished piece. 


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